HAPPY CLOUD THERAPY – Something to think about when you’re Sad

I wrote this for myself, on one of my dark days. It helped me immensely. If you’re feeling blue, maybe it will help you too.


Imagine a big cloud. It’s a happy cloud. It’s fluffy and is colored pink with hues of purple in it. It looks like cotton candy. You can smell it, it smells so sweet, you want to grab it and hug it. It looks like a big fluffy, comfortable cushion.

Now let this cloud suck out all your unhappy thoughts. As its sucking out these thoughts you can see a gray stream from your temples to this cloud. The cloud is getting bigger, brighter and fluffier. It sparkles now.

Your thoughts have been cleared from your mind. You have no thoughts only a serene silence in our mind. There is an emptiness, its nothingness, like sitting on the edge of a really high mountain. It’s meditative.

This cloud has turned all your ugly, irritating, horrible thoughts into beautiful happy thoughts. Now if you like this cloud can rain on you with all its happy thoughts, or you can send this HAPPY THOUGHTS CLOUD to someone you love, who needs it.

Put all your energy into sending this happy cloud to your friends and family. Help them be happy too.

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  1. This is awesome .. I need to hear this today , “HAPPY CLOUD THERAPY” is much needed to most of us these days . Thank you for sharing !

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