cold compress

How to make a cold compress?

Cold Compress are used by skin professionals during facial treatments, but you can use these at home to treat various conditions. A cold compress is used mainly to cool down the heat produced on the skin post a facial massage treatment. This helps balance the pH of the skin and tones the skin. These can […]

Sunburn Treatment

How to treat a Sunburn?

A Sunburn is the condition in which excessive exposure to the sun causes redness, itching and inflammation(swelling) of the skin. Following are some tips for its treatment. Avoid going out in the Sun after getting a sunburn.  It is important to dissipate the heat that has penetrated into the layers of the skin, so it […]

DIY Natural Hair Colour

DIY Natural Hair Colour Recipe

We all look for the fountain of youth, to somehow preserve our faces and bodies from the wear and tear of life. To keep the skin tight and hair, well, whatever colour we were born with. We try to hide every wrinkle under makeup and every grey hair by colouring. But, repeatedly subjecting your hair […]