How to make a cold compress?

Cold Compress are used by skin professionals during facial treatments, but you can use these at home to treat various conditions. A cold compress is used mainly to cool down the heat produced on the skin post a facial massage treatment. This helps balance the pH of the skin and tones the skin. These can also be used in the summer as a soothing treatment for heat rashes or sunburns.


  1. Take a large piece of cotton.
  2. Soak these a good quality toner such as rose water, calendula water,etc.
  3. Keep this refrigerated for best effect.
  4. Remove and use whenever required.
  5. When using the cold compress make sure to squeeze it out with your fingertips and not the palm. This helps maintain its temperature.
  6. After you apply the compress pat it lightly for maximum effect.

Post Author: KhushiaKalia