Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the brave Eyeshadow Palette

Review and Swatches of Makeup Revolution London Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette

The Fortune Favours the Brave Palette by Makeup Revolution This beautiful palette boasts of 30 eyeshadows and has been designed by British Beauty Blogger. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, I’m a sucker for anything gold anyways. This is a palette designed to help you achieve any kind of smoky eye. The eyeshadows come in several […]

The Ultimate Guide to facial Toners

The Ultimate Guide on Facial Toners

What is a Toner? A toner is a product applied to your skin after you have cleansed it, it can be applied with a cotton pad or directly dabbed on to your skin. It can be in the form of essences, lotions,fragrance waters, skin clarifiers, astringents and many more. What is its purpose? There is […]

LA Shield Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++

Review of LA Shield Sunscreen Gel

Sunscreens are an essential part of our skincare routines, but we mostly skip out on them for lack of finding a quality product or just plain laziness. But if you wan to avoid getting sunburnt or worst case scenario get skincare cancer, it is important that you jump on the sunscreen wearing bandwagon. Today I’ll […]

Men's skincare routine

Men’s Skincare Routine

What should a Men’s skincare routine look like? Even with the advent of Metrosexualism(if that’s even a word) and the explosion of men’s skincare products in our local markets, we don’t see many men practicing skincare on a daily basis. This post is mainly to urge men to actually have a skincare routine. Our skin […]